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Dolce Vita

Italian restaurant in Truskavets

Dolce Vita is a cozy family restaurant where visitors can taste a variety of Italian cuisine.
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Dolce Vita

We have been operating for over ten years and have extensive experience in the restaurant business.

Dolce Vita is a cozy family restaurant where visitors can taste a variety of Italian cuisine.

The menu with traditional salads, pastas, fish and meat dishes will definitely not leave you indifferent. Specialties,

Dolce Vita’s specialties include pizza, lasagna, and exclusive Italian cheeses.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to pay by card?

Payment by card is made upon pickup or online payment through the LiqPay system

What is the shipping cost?

The cost of delivery depends on the amount of the order and on the area of ​​your location

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What is the delivery schedule?

Meals are delivered from our establishment every day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m

Dolce Vita in Truskavets is a restaurant of Italian cuisine that makes you fall in love

Do you dream of enjoying risotto and pasta like in Italy? We invite you to dinner at the Italian restaurant Dolce Vita. We have collected the best traditional recipes, inspired by the sunny flavor of the Mediterranean and created a cozy Italian atmosphere. So you can enjoy your favorite dishes every day!

Explore the colorful Italian cuisine with us

Dolce Vita in Truskavets is a family restaurant. For over 10 years, we have been preparing a variety of Italian dishes for you from fresh, selected ingredients. We take care of the proper storage of each ingredient. The chefs of our restaurant hone their skills every day: they learn new recipes and improve traditional ones. So no matter how many times you come back to us, we will have something to surprise you.
Dolce Vita’s specialties are:

  • Italian pizza on a thin dough. Cooking it correctly is a real art. We bake pizza on wood, add selected ingredients: seafood, vegetables, herbs, meat. An important component of almost every pizza we make is real Italian mozzarella.
  • Pastas and lasagna. We have traditional lasagna Bolognese, pasta Carbonara, Tonno, Quadro Formaggio and many others. Pasta is the best choice for a hearty lunch, delicious dinner, or even a romantic date.
  • Risotto is an Italian dish made from rice and additional ingredients. It is served hot, garnished with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese.
  • First courses – in our restaurant you can taste Neapolitan mushroom soup, vegetable minestrone, Italian cream soups and consommé. Everything you need for a tasty and healthy lunch.

The menu of the Italian restaurant Dolce Vita offers salads, appetizers, desserts and breakfasts, European cuisine, and an extensive wine list. We prepare main dishes of meat and fish, serve Antipasto. We also offer exclusive Italian cheeses. Everyone can choose food to their liking. We have developed a special menu for children: with healthy dishes without excessive sauces and spices.
Dolce Vita in Truskavets offers Italian cuisine for every taste. Like in sunny Italy, but close to home. The restaurant’s waiters and sommeliers will help you choose delicious dishes and emphasize them with aged wine. We know how to turn an ordinary dinner into a real art.

Delicious and fast: food delivery in Truskavets from Dolce Vita restaurant

Do you want to enjoy risotto or pasta at home? We have taken care of fast delivery of Italian food to any corner of the city. Our chefs will start cooking as soon as they receive the order. And couriers will make sure that everything arrives to you fresh, tasty and flavorful.
To order food in Truskavets, just choose Italian dishes from the menu, add them to the cart, leave your contact information and wait for our call. Dolce Vita managers will call you back in 3-5 minutes to confirm the order details. And in less than an hour, the courier will bring lasagna, pasta or thin-crust pizza directly to your home.
Dolce Vita is:

  • A huge variety of dishes – Italian cuisine for every taste.
  • Only selected ingredients – seafood, fresh vegetables, real Italian mozzarella.
  • The best Italian cooking traditions. Our chefs know how to cook pizza, pasta, and risotto properly. After all, they studied and improved for you.
  • Fast delivery to any corner of the city. Just 40-60 minutes and your favorite Italian food will be on your table.

We work every day, seven days a week. We have our own summer terrace, banquet hall, live music, children’s room. We will be glad to see you in our family restaurant or bring you dishes with delivery.
Traditional Italian cuisine in Truskavets is Dolce Vita!

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